• Chris Steele

Fellow Workers

Be Strong, Be Well — Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Paul often used the expression “fellow workers” when he referred to some of his dearest friends in various congregations of the Lord’s church. The Greek word is translated as fellow laborers, helpers, fellow helpers, and companions in labor.

The basic meaning of the word is “helper” which is derived from the compound word, which literally means “union with” (or together), added to “work” (or toil). Therefore, the word means to work closely together with someone in a common cause.

How much better a task is when we have someone’s help. Yes, there are some things we must do alone or by ourselves. But when it comes to the larger, heavier, more involved efforts, what a blessing it is to have a fellow worker or two to help carry the load.

We are grateful here at River Road to have so many who work together with us. We are encouraged and rejoice to have helpers sharing in the Lord’s work.

The challenge for each of us, is to make sure we are among those who pitch in as fellow workers and lighten the burden for others.

“We therefore ought to receive such, that we may become fellow workers for the truth” (3 John 8). —Chris

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