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Our Members

Ongoing Health Issues

Betty Jean Abbott, Dale Arnold,

Ray Bradford, Harry Cagle,  Betty Chenoweth, Joe Monroe, Jo-Ann Morey, Carolyn Nelson, Phyllis

Root, Mike Smith.


A.D. Jones

Dorothy Mitchell

Friends & Family

(relatives, friends, and those who have not placed their membership here)

Ongoing Health Issues

Phyllis Ball (former member), Elizabeth Barnes (Ted Zdjelar’s friend), Gary & Loretta Brewster (former members), Lurl Card (former member), James Clark (N. Sneve’s brother), Shelby DeLellis (granddaughter of Grace Moody’s ), Janet Denn (Carrie Steele’s mother), Jeff Durham (Helen’s son), Larry Ehrhardt (Becky York’s fiancé), Shirley Evans: (Christene Dengle’s daughter), Bill Fox (Joe Sturgis’ father), Doris Fugitt (former member), Tim Hazelbaker (Deanna Young’s son), Betty Hoeck (former member), Todd Huff (Roger’s Son), Dale Kerr (Patti’s husband), Jerry Paradiso (Jeri Pohlman’s father), Brian Petersen (Catherine Belle’s nephew), David Rosie (Roger’s son), Rich Santeramo (Jeri Pohlman’s cousin), Clint Smith (friend of the Uhas’), Lynne Spencer (Bud’s daughter), Leanne Stillwell (Karen Huff’s daughter), Randy Young (Bud Spencer’s nephew).

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Game Night
December 29th
Gospel Meeting with John Allan
December 31st

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