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Moving Forward

Chris' Corner -- Sunday, January 16, 2022

Setting out on a new path toward semi-retirement is one of mixed emotions. Discussions with the elders over the past several months have been very helpful in organizing and dealing with those thoughts. I pray their invitation to slip into a part-time role will be beneficial for the congregation and me.

After the announcement was made last Sunday, your understanding and encouragement are appreciated. We ask for your prayers during the transition.

Like you all, Carrie and I are excited about working with John and hearing his lessons. We are looking forward to this new venture with our beloved family at River Road. Plus, it will be a blessing for us as parents to have all of our children close by.

Over the next few months, I hope to finish our studies on Sunday and Wednesday. We will need a fresh start when John arrives to teach his classes. Since the elders have asked me to continue teaching the Thursday class, adjustments will be made accordingly.

We have asked John to submit some articles to run in our bulletin periodically until he arrives on May 8th. Besides preaching, part of his formal training is in journalism. John has taught classes and given private instruction in writing to preachers and others. He has authored a couple of books and published several more. He has given me some pointers, which have proven very useful. We are looking forward to his preaching and writing.

Many of you have known Erin for a long time. She was a week old when we started working with the church at River Road. Erin has organized ladies' events and been a guest speaker at many of them. She teaches women's and children's Bible classes. We feel she will be a great addition to the work here with her husband.

We ask for your prayers for the Allan family as they find housing and go through the process of moving from Gainesville. We trust the Lord will watch over them and bless them during this transition.

Likewise, we pray God will look down upon us and continue to bless our family at River Road just as He has through the past nearly 63 years.

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