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I took three Spanish classes in college...

I took three Spanish classes in college. Most memories of them have faded from memory, but I vividly remember one shocking day.

A student was finishing his assignment: standing in front of the class and giving a report "en espanol." My professor wondered why the young man had struggled so much. After all, this wasn't an introductory course.

He was surprised when the young man said he could only complete his task by memorizing it and then reciting it the best he could...

And his jaw might have hit the ground when more students spoke up and said they were doing exactly the same thing.

All semester the professor presumed we knew things from previous classes that we had never learned. He presumed we had more knowledge and skill than we really did.

The same thing that happened to my professor can happen to Bible school teachers and preachers. It's easy to presume somebody already knows fundamentals about doctrine and worship. Or to think folks remember studying a topic even though it's been much longer than the preacher thought.

This is something we can keep in mind next time a Bible class or sermon covers what seems fundamental. It might be “basic” for you, but new information for others.

Preachers and teachers can’t spend all their time on fundamentals. If they do, something should change. But let’s not forget the importance of revisiting them as needed, even if that’s more frequently than some think is necessary.

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