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This past week I began publicly inviting...

This past week I began publicly inviting our members to submit Bible questions for an upcoming “Questions and Answers” type sermon. I have now scheduled to present this lesson Sunday evening July 17th.

I am hopeful this will be just the first of many such lessons.

Sometimes people are embarrassed to ask questions. Perhaps they remember times in school when asking a question meant getting teased or insulted. Maybe they were reprimanded by a parent or loved one for asking “silly” questions...

Pride can get in the way too. Especially if nobody else seems to be asking questions. If it looks like everybody else understands what’s being discussed, it can be hard to ask a question and reveal you don’t understand something.

Dear friend, please know this: If we are going to learn and grow in the knowledge of God’s word together then we have to ask questions and seek answers!

We can find answers through our personal study of the Bible. But there’s nothing wrong with asking fellow Christians for help.

Jesus’ disciples often asked questions after listening to him teach.

The Ethiopian eunuch had a great conversation and study with Philip. He even learned and obeyed the gospel! But it happened because he had the humility to ask for help understanding something about scripture.

Paul’s epistles also demonstrate the power of questions. Not infrequently he would use questions to provoke thinking. If you have a question you’d like considered for July 17th, please submit it to me in writing or send it by email ( You can also leave it in the “mailbox” on the wall beside my office, slide it under my office door...I suppose you could even drop it in the collection plate.

You do NOT have to sign your name to questions. When I answer questions I will not be telling people who asked them. That means you can ask your questions with full confidence they will be treated with care and respect.

Give it some thought,


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