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Through the centuries man has tried...

Through the centuries man has tried to come up with ways to illustrate the concept of the Godhead: that there is only one God, yet God exists in three persons.

Man-made illustrations are subject to limitations, so we do not expect any of them to be perfect. But they can still be helpful. And over the years I’ve come across several that are helpful to one degree or another.

Some have used the idea of water: water can be liquid, solid, or gas but in any form it’s still H2O.

Others have compared the Godhead to a Swiss army knife—multiple blades but still one knife.

Not long ago I came across another helpful example. And of all things, it came from a car commercial.

Many Jeep commercials have the slogan “There’s Only One.”

Clearly they don’t mean there’s only one Jeep vehicle in the entire world. You can hardly drive anywhere without seeing several Jeeps on the road. And dealerships have plenty of Jeeps parked on the lot.

If we don’t have trouble understanding there’s only one Jeep, we need not feel helplessly confused when scripture affirms there’s only one God.

Give it some thought,

John Allan

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